Saturday, August 17, 2013

Free Apps 4 Android: SecretSheep - hide caller ID v1.273

SecretSheep - hide caller ID Free Apps 4 AndroidSecretSheep - hide caller ID Free Apps 4 Android

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Use SecretSheep to selectively block your caller ID. Simply select some groups and contacts that are not allowed to get your phone number.

SecretSheep - hide caller ID Apps Features:
  • You can choose if you want to show your caller ID just when calling assigned groups and contacts, or hide your caller ID when calling assigned groups and contacts.
  • Create, manage and delete groups.
  • Hide caller ID when dialing new numbers - with return-call option.
  • Override above behavior before calling (optional).
  • Select hiding or showing your ID immediately before calling.
  • Change the mode with a widget on your home screen.
  • You can select or create the prefix-code of your network operator.
  • Use the new Learn-Feature to easily group your people after calling them.
  • The new main-dialog helps you to keep outline about the actual settings.
  • The new contacts-dialog shows the show/hide-state of every single contact.
  • The Call-Log Cleaner removes the prefix-code from call history.
  • Video-calls are possible, but your caller ID will not be hidden at the moment.
  • Headset-dial is supported
  • Time to consider – from 1s to 5s and infinite to confirm every call.

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apk file: 1.06MB
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