Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Battle Pilot Full v1.01

Google Play info on: Battle Pilot

Battle Pilot is a 3D combat flight simulation that takes place in world war II.

Your objective is to fly your fighter plane into the enemy territory and attack enemy targets. Shoot down enemy airplanes, destroy an enemy convoy, raid an airbase, sink a U-boat or use your rockets to blow up tanks.

You can fly your plane using gyroscope controls or touch button controls.

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apk file: 20.17MB

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Chickens BBQ v1.0

These chicks just can't stay away from trouble! Rescue them from catastrophic fires and help them escape as quickly as possible!
As if fires alone weren't dangerous enough, you'll also have to keep an eye out for ravenous UFOs and bomb-wielding enemies on balloons who will try anything to make the rescue more difficult!
Check out this new colorful, addictive adventure and save the chicks from catastrophe once more!

  • Stunning cartoon graphics with hilarious characters! 
  • 3 Stage with each 50 funny crazy levels! 
  • Challenging gameplay! 
  • Lots of achievements to unlock! 
  • Amazing soundtracks during the game and cool sound fx! 
  • Easy to get into, hard to put down!

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 30.70MB

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free Apps 4 Android: Lithic v1.3

Google Play info on: Lithic

Lithic transforms your photos into realistic mini comic book / graphic novels providing customisations for layout, captions and more.

Its state of the art filter creates effects from Van Gogh's painterly style to the harsh and gritty film noir look of Frank Miller.

  • Eight photo layouts.
  • A highly customizable filter that lets you achieve a range of creative effects such as graphic novel, woodcut, pencil and oil-painting.
  • Customizable caption for each panel in the layout.
  • A gallery for viewing your stylized images.

Download This Free App For Android Here:

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apk file: 2.53MB

Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Swamp Adventure Deluxe v1.1.0

Google Play info on: Swamp Adventure Deluxe

Become the king of the swamp!

Survive as long as you can in the most dangerous swamp of the world! Don't be hit by the birds, eat as much fireflies as you can!

  • Deluxe version benefits:
  • All game modes unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Amazing 3 different game modes:
  • Take a break and relax on *Baby Mode* where you have infinite lives. This is the perfect mode for kids!
  • The *Normal Mode* isn’t too easy, but not too hard!
  • Start on a higher level of difficult on *Hard Mode* and try to survive as long as you can!
  • Leaderboards
  • Compete with your friends comparing who has the biggest score!
  • Achievements
  • 27 original and fun challenging achievements to unlock!
  • Shop
  • Buy upgrades that will improve the game experience.
  • Unlock game modes to have even more fun.
  • How to play?
  • In *Tilt Mode* use the accelerometer to control the lilypad.
  • In *Touch Mode* touch and drag the screen to control the lilypad.
  • Kill enemies and collect power ups to increase your hit combo improving your score and receiving more coins!
  • Try to survive as long as possible jumping on the enemies while avoiding to be hit by them.

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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zip file: 17.94MB

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Cryptica Full v1.6

Google Play info on: Cryptica

This is the Full version of Cryptica!

Solve the ancient crypts and find the lost relics in this challenging game.

These mysterious crypts were created thousands of years ago to protect the temple relics,
Only the wisest were meant to solve these riddles and reveal the relics, but they have all failed!
Beaten by their own creation the relics were buried forever.

Can you succeed where all wise man have failed?

  • HD version is included
  • 120 puzzles in 4 levels of difficulty
  • 4 ancient RELICS to achieve
  • 24 rare coins to collect
  • Ads free
This addictive unique puzzle game will keep you challenged for a long time...

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 17.43MB

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Apps 4 Android: Wayk 4 - Tomorrow's Alarm v4.9.2

Google Play info on: Wayk 4 - Tomorrow's Alarm

Revolutionary. Senti Wayk 4 !

Wayk delivers the perfect morning.

"It's part alarm clock, part personal assistant, and we like that." - Alan, Lifehacker

Wayk up to the alarm clock of tomorrow, where you'll quickly fall in love with the wave to snooze, voice response and your morning scoop that brings you your calendar and your news in a sleek style. Now with support for Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

  • Wave to Snooze* and Intelligent Dismiss
  • Pressing a button to snooze? Old school. With Wayk, you just wave your hand over the phone to snooze. Oh, and to dismiss? Wayk will figure it out on it's own. It is a smart phone after all.
  • The Clock
  • Setting your alarm just got real with Senti's designer clock.
  • Voice Recognition
  • Pick up your phone and tell it to "Snooze for 8 minutes", "snooze" or "dismiss".
  • Google Calendar
  • We went ahead and added the ability to sync with your Google Calendar, so you can wake up feeling prepared.
  • The Scoop
  • Choose from feeds such as Engadget, Fast Company and more, so that you’re always in the know on what you need to be.
  • The Senti Interface
  • We focus on high quality minimalist design, so that everything is both sleek and easy to use.

Download This Free App For Android Here:

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apk file: 3.92MB

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Call of Mini - Zombies v1.0

Amazon appstore info on: Call of Mini - Zombies

The Smash-Hit #1 Action Game in the App Store is now on Android!

LOCK 'n' LOAD and come out GUNS BLAZING in HD GLORY!

A strange virus has taken hold in a small town; one after another, the town's people have succumbed, losing their appetite for food and gaining one for BRAINS.

A few brave men hold out against all hope, machine guns and rocket launchers their only aid. Will they survive another day?  That's up to YOU.

  • Amazing 3D VISUALS
  • Fast & furious RUN-AND-GUN ACTION
  • Awesome WEAPONS in the ARMORY 
  • 8 immersive & expansive MAPS
  • 16 powerful & unique WEAPONS
  • 12 awesome AVATARS with special STRENGTHS
  • 17 totally terrifying ENEMY ZOMBIE BREEDS

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 67.68MB

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Jenga v1.83

Google Play info on: Jenga

The official Jenga® game is here!


Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the original creator of Jenga®, Jenga for Android lets you take the tower building experience anywhere.

Real-time 3D physics simulation, authentically recreating the behavior of a real wooden Jenga tower. Each block is realistically affected by the surrounding blocks, recreating the same strategic depth as the original game.

Anyone who’s played Jenga knows how delicate your touch needs to be. Your Android device’s touch screen gives you the control you’ll need to go for world record heights (incidentally… the record is 40 2/3 layers!). Blocks can be teased out using a mix of gentle tapping and drag controls. It’s easy to begin with, but you’ll soon find it tough when the pressure is on and the tower is wobbling!

View the tower just as you would in real life by moving the device around it. The built-in gyroscopic mechanisms allow for unprecedented control of your viewpoint. Study the structure of the blocks to plan your next move.

Obviously the best part of Jenga is putting off your friends as they are making their move. The four-player Pass’n’Play mode truly reproduces the nail-biting tension of the real thing… but you can play it anywhere!
And what’s more, Jenga for Android lets you compare your current tower height against that of friends around the world – while you play! A little friendly competition is the best motivator...

Match colors for extra points and score multipliers by moving fast – but don’t topple the tower! While you play, you earn coins which you can spend on special boosts like collapse reverse, multipliers, and wildcards. It’s fast and frantic… totally turning Jenga on its head.

Jenga for Android is beautiful. Advanced wood shaders make the tower pop out and let you gauge its stability. And everything is set in beautiful environments, rivalling the quality of modern games consoles.

Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the inventor of Jenga, to create the most authentic Jenga experience ever.

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 26.38MB

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Cogs v1.0.16

Google Play info on: Cogs

This is the full version of Cogs !

Get your mental gears going with this award-winning puzzle game!

Cogs is a ground-breaking puzzle game where players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments. It comes with 50 puzzles and three gameplay modes for a total of 150 unique challenges, totalling more than 10 hours of mind-bending gameplay. This award-winning game is perfect for puzzle fans of any age and ability!

Starting with simple puzzles, players are introduced to the widgets that are used to build machines — gears, pipes, balloons, chimes, hammers, wheels, props, and more.

If you finish a puzzle in Inventor Mode, it will be unlocked here. This time, it will take fewer moves to reach a solution, but you only have 30 seconds to find it.

Take your time and plan ahead. Every click counts when you only get ten moves to find a solution.

Unlock achievements, see how you stack up on global leaderboards, and play with friends!

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 25.77MB

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Zen Bound 2 v2.

Google Play info on: Zen Bound 2

Wrap your mind around wood and stone. Become Zen.

Zen Bound 2 is a meditative puzzle game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures.

It is a tactile game, with a focus on making rope, wood and stone look and feel real and believable. The dusty and soothing atmosphere is a combination of beautiful visuals and a unique down-tempo soundtrack.

All levels from the original Zen Bound are included, all with visual upgrades, some with new gameplay. New levels include the Tree of Tribute, featuring guest stars from awesome indie games.

*Please read the "Instructions.txt" file before installing this game!

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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zip file: 156.52MB

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: FINAL FANTASY III v1.0.2

Google Play info on: FINAL FANTASY III

Final Fantasy III -- now on Android!

First released in 1990, Final Fantasy III was the first title in the Final Fantasy series to become a million-seller, establishing once and for all that Square Enix's classic RPG saga was here to stay.
The full 3D remake released in 2006 duplicated the original's success, selling over a million copies worldwide.

Final Fantasy III was a hallmark of innovation for the entire series, from the job system that lets characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut.

When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to set forth on a journey to save the world.

  • New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences only for Android
  • Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to Square Enix's smartphone RPGs
  • Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game records
  • New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards

*Please read the "Important-Instructions.txt" file before installing this game! 

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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zip file: 171.99MB

Friday, August 17, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: EGGGZ v1.3.5

Google Play info on: EGGGZ

This is the full version of EGGGZ !

The funny eggs-catching game. Build your farm and play World Championship!

Catch eggs, collect golden eggs to buy improvements for your farm in Campaign mode.
Play unlimited World Championship to rank on the worldwide leaderboard!
Collect trophies for extra improvements!

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 3.54MB

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Games 4 Android: Pyramid Rising Full v1.2.7185

Google Play info on: Pyramid Rising Full

Bring hope to the people of Egypt in Pyramid Rising!

Pyramid Rising is an exciting Time Management game! As assistant to the Royal architect Senmut, you have been appointed the daunting task of reconstructing villages and repairing Egypt. Only you can save them from banishment to eternal darkness by the mighty god, Amen-Ra.

Hire workers, manage resources, build structures and gather stone all while fending off alligator attacks and more!

  • Help to establish the Egyptian Empire by building and upgrading your own villages!
  • 40 unique levels, PLUS 15 extra levels available in the Chaos On The Nile level pack!
  • Unbelievably addictive game play -- race the clock to earn Golden Scarabs for each level
  • Manage your workers and resources while completing tasks and improving your strategies
* Please read the "Important-Instructions.txt" file before installing this game!

Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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zip file: 71.85MB
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