Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Apps 4 Android: Camera360 Ultimate v2.3.0

Turn your phone into professional camera. Provides LOMO, HDR, axis shift, draft, ghost, etc. and multiple styles.

Camera 360 is a kind of photo software with powerful functions, which is designed specially for cell-phones. It can provide nearly 30 different shooting effects.

  • 6 shooting modes: Effect Mode, Scenery Mode, Funny Mode, Tilt-shift Mode, Color-shift Mode and Normal Mode. 
  • Each mode has many different effects.
  • Share your photos with your friends
Download This Free App For Android Here:

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apk file: 4.18MB

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Games 4 Android: Sinister Planet v1.86.3

Slick and fast-paced arcade space-shooter.
Blast your way through wave after wave of relentless alien hoards. Five increasingly challenging planets to destroy. Ship upgrades and increasingly frantic gameplay will keep you coming back for more! Beautifully rendered asteroids and retro-style graphics will transport you back to the heyday of arcade classics.

Your objective is to attack and destroy a series of alien worlds, the ultimate of which is Planet Sinister. To destroy each world you'll attack the planet surface and take out the power grid protecting the planet's core.

To aid you on your quest, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your ship's weapon systems, by means of collecting power-ups (in Arcade mode) or collecting gold (in Battle mode).

To progress each wave, your task is to collect the gems produced when blasting the asteroids.

  • 25 waves of aliens
  • Multi-touch 360 degree shooting
  • Power-ups galore!
  • End of level boss to destruct the planet!
  • 60fps action
  • Global high score system
  • Bonus "challenge" waves
  • Awards and achievements
Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 7.94MB

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free Games 4 Android: ATV Madness v1.07

Ride your ATV with this amazing ATV racing simulator. Make tricks to earn extra-credits to unlock vehicles and tracks!

Feel the realism of the full 3d outdoor environments with 5 long tracks and 12 ATV models coming with different power,grip and brake settings. Enter the game right from the beginning with the stunning 3d menu replicating the real scene of a race backstage!

  • Amazing physics emulation
  • 12 different ATV models
  • 12 different freestyle tricks
  • 5 amazing 3d tracks
  • Accelerometer support
  • skeletal animation
Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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zip file: 17.95MB

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free Games 4 Android: Samurai II: Vengeance v1.01

The long-awaited Samurai II: Vengeance has arrived on all Android devices!

Samurai II sends Daisuke on a quest for revenge across the war-scorched countryside. From a seafaring village to a flying fortress to the legendary Isle of the Dead, the samurai will stop at nothing to hunt down his arch-enemy Orochi. Will he get his Vengeance?

Samurai II is brand new experience for hack ‘n’ slash gamers on the go.
With a new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps, and vicious new enemies.

  • Support Xperia Play!
  • Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you’re slicing up baddies, not swiping the screen.
  • Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while keeping focused on the action.
  • Tense, quick and gory battle sequences!
    - Battle hordes of on-screen enemies wielding new weapons and sporting unique abilities.
    - Stay nimble and plan your attacks – roll out of harm’s way and eliminate ranged enemies like the Samurai Archer before they can strike.
  • Improved game play includes new features.
    - Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and discover useful items.
    - The fight is on - not to worry, the combat never takes a back seat to platforming or fetch-quests.
  • RPG elements reward skilled players – upgrade the Samurai’s health, buy new attack combos and upgrade them to devastating levels.
  • Between levels, gorgeous anime-style comic panels tell the samurai’s tale with original hand-drawn artwork.
  • New survival mode pits the samurai against waves of enemies, giving hardcore players a score-attack mode to hone their skills. Two games in one!
  • Runs at 60 frames per second on all Tegra 2 Devices
  • Advanced AI system on par with console games.
  • Original soundtrack – in classic samurai movie style, soft music builds with the heat of battle.
Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 40.92MB

Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Games 4 Android: Kona's Crate v1.0

What do I look like, a delivery boy? (Or delivery girl?) That is exactly what you are in Kona's Crate, an addicting, physics-based game for Android that makes toting packages fun.

Same-Day Delivery
Your task is simple: transport mysterious crates to the impatient Chief Kona. However, your delivery vehicle is a jet-powered platform, which is a little trickier to use than a mailbag. Using your thumbs, give the thruster jets enough gas to get moving, then adjust as needed. Careful--don't tip too much to one side or you'll drop the precious package. Chief Kona can get quite testy if he doesn't receive his goods in a timely manner, and you wouldn't like the chief when he's angry.

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet--Nor Dynamite?
At first the deliveries are quick and easy. But as you move through the 60-plus levels in three graphically rich environments, you'll be forced to dodge floating blocks, avoid steam geysers, and watch out for TNT. Squeeze through the chief's twisting hallways and turn sharp corners at blinding speeds using your reflexes to earn time and skill-based awards.

NOTE: The rich 3D experience of Kona's Crate requires a device with a fast processor. Some devices, such as the LG Optimus, HTC Hero, and myTouch 3G Slide, are not compatible with the game.

  • Engaging, physics-based gameplay
  • 3 campaigns featuring 60+ levels
  • HD-quality graphics
  • Global OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements
  • Challenge your friends and post your scores to Facebook and Twitter
Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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apk file: 18.14MB

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Games 4 Android: Peggle v1.0

Do you have what it takes to be a Peggle Master? Shoot and clear all the orange pegs in this peg-busting, critically acclaimed game, now fully optimized for Android devices.

You'll reach Extreme Fever as ten outlandish Masters help you achieve Peggle greatness. Take your best shot, conquer 55 levels, and wield ten magic powers in Adventure mode--and the fun is just getting started.

  • Master 55 levels and 75 Grand Master challenges
  • Discover your powers and develop precision in Adventure mode
  • Pick your level in Quick Play or Challenge mode, or take on your friends and family in Duel Mode
  • Fine-tune your aim for masterful shots, save and replay your memorable moments
  • Use cool style shots--like Off the Wall, Double Long Shot, and Extreme Slides--to rack up more bonus points
    Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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    apk file: 74.12MB

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Free Apps 4 Android: Remote Desktop Client v2.8.0

    No lugging your laptop around anymore. Connect remotely from Android device.

    Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Android enables you to connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from your Android phone. Once connected, it gives you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything that's happening on the screen. You can leave your computer without losing access to your files, applications, and e-mail.

    Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client is using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). All the necessary server components are already part of most versions of the Windows operating system (except Home varieties).

    • 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit color support
    • Custom screen resolutions, including an option to automatically fit to the device screen
    • SSL security and support for Network Level Authentication (NLA).
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway, a.k.a. TS Gateway) support.
    • On-screen keyboard for keys missing on the device (functional keys, etc.)
    • Server address book
    • Master password to secure server password storage
    • Sound redirection to client
    • File transfer between SD card and remote computer
    • Copy/paste text between client and server
    • Display zoom in/zoom out
    • Pinch-to-zoom (available on the devices with multi-touch functionality)
    • The first and only mobile Remote Desktop client with support for Microsoft Remote Assistance
    • RDP data compression and caching to save bandwidth

    The following operating system have Remote Desktop Services and can be connected using Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client without any additional server side software:
    Windows Server 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise, Windows Server 2008R2

    The following operating system do not have Remote Desktop Services out of the box:
    Windows XP Home, Windows Vista Home, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Premium, Mac OS, Linux

    Download This Free App For Android Here:

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    zip file: 1.59MB

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Free Apps 4 Android: Seeds of Life Live Wallpaper v2

    Seeds of life is a very cool live wallpaper that simulate male... well... seeds!
    Watch them go and interact with your desktop!

    • Choose seeds color
    • Control seed population number.
    • Custom background color
    • Better click interaction and movement
    Download This Free App For Android Here:

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    zip file: 1.24MB

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    Free Games 4 Android: Greedy Pigs v1.0.1

    They’re greedy, angry, dangerous, and drunk. Defend what’s yours.
    This time the birds are not angry but the pigs are greedy! Greedy Pigs happily presents to you its hilarious, unique, and brand-new Tower Defense Game design and gameplay.

    Keep your grey cells pumping and experience the fun of RPG-style abilities, skills, and level up mixed with brain twisting RTS!

    The Dwarves, one of the most honest and earthly amongst all magical beings, were given the special task to protect the Magical Booze Barrel.
    Immerse in the green forest of the Dwarves to help them defend their precious Booze Barrel from a gang of alcoholic monsters, the Pigzillas and their Zilla Buddies. Do not let them paralyze you by their super cuteness, they will rob you blind!

    The fate of the Magical World lies in your hands. Will you let the monsters drink the forest’s booze? Or will you keep it safe?
    Fight as three drunk but determined dwarfs: the strongman, the gunslinger, and the wizard. Combine magic with brute force to keep the deranged pigs from the holy, golden booze.
    Gear yourself up, put on your combat boots, and sharpen your sword, the battle to booze is on!!!

    • Choose from 3 different kind of professions each with its own unique abilities, merit and attack style : - Dwarf Warrior - Dwarf Hunter - Dwarf Magician
    • Now your Dwarf can be upgraded, twice! And witness their transformation into more powerful, handsome looking Dwarves!
    • Two modes: Story Mode and Survival Mode
    • Dozens of maps each with different gameplays that might surprise you still!
    • Varieties of cute monsters that you would want to keep as pets!
    • RPG style abilities, skills and level up mixed with RTS brain twist to keep your grey cells pumping!
    Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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    apk file: 10.42MB

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Free Games 4 Android: Blue Defense: Second Wave v1.0

    Defend your Blue planet! Tilt and touch to blast Red and Green out of the sky!
    Intense planetary defense arcade action! Features unique tilt-based gameplay with optional multitouch controls. With game modes ranging from just seconds to several hours, you won't be able to put it down!
    6.8 billion lives hang in the balance... how long can you keep them alive?

    Download This Free Game For Android Here:

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    apk file: 14.03MB

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Free Apps 4 Android: More Icons Widget v3.4.2

    Never run out of screen icon space again!
    More Icons Widget is a home screen widget that allows you to add more icons onto your home screen. You can place up to 16 icons in the place of 4.

    Seven widget sizes both horizontal and vertical:
    1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1
    Place 16 icons in the 1x4 and 4x1.
    Place 12 icons in the 1x3 and 3x1.
    Place 8 icons in the 1x2 and 2x1.
    Place 4 icons in the 1x1.

    Many choices for the icon slots:
    • Applications
    • Shortcuts
    • Toggles: Wifi, Vibrate, Silent, Auto Rotate, Brightness, Bluetooth, Airplane, GPS, Battery, 4G (Evo)
    • Contacts
    • Direct Dial, Direct Message, Direct Email
    • Bookmarks
    • Vibrate on icon press
    • Custom colors of icon press
    • Show/Hide icon labels
    • Two toggle icon choices
    • Support for Bettercut icon packs
    • Backup and Restore widget configs
    • MyBackup support
    Download This Free App For Android Here:

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    zip file: 1.68MB

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Free Apps 4 Android: Autostarts v1.7.0

    Keep control over your phone: See what applications do behind your back.
    Shows you what apps run on phone startup, and what other events trigger in the background.

    Root users can disable unwanted autostarts and speed up their phone boot.

    Note: Root-Access *is* required to make changes. Otherwise, this application will be read-only.

    Download This Free App For Android Here:

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    zip file: 1.27MB

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Free Apps 4 Android: Loky Plus v2.0.1

    Keeping your Private life Private: NO VISIBLE APP ICON
    If you need to keep your SMS's and calls with certain contacts private then you need Loky PLUS.

    Loky PLUS sets up a secure area on your mobile handset where you can put those private contacts and Loky PLUS then manages your texts and calls between you and them. Inbound SMS do not appear in your normal inbox but are placed into Loky PLUS's secure area where you can read them when it's convenient for you. Outbound SMS are kept in the Loky PLUS secure area and not in your normal Outbox.

    Loky PLUS handles MMS as well. Loky PLUS will also scrub your call log so that no trace of calls made or received from your Loky PLUS contacts will appear. Also, you can store files, pictures, and any sensitive media in the Loky PLUS secure area. AND BEST OF ALL: Loky PLUS is INVISIBLE except to you! No icon and an easy method to open and close Loky PLUS when you need to.

    If you have the need to keep communications private then Loky PLUS will help you manage them - worry-free!


    Download This Free App For Android Here:

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    zip file: 1.99MB

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