Monday, September 30, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: ULTRA4 Offroad Racing v1.01

Google Play info on: ULTRA4 Offroad Racing


Race the world's most capable all-terrain vehicles through heart-pounding courses in the most dynamic offroad driving experience on mobile devices!
Do you have what it takes to be an ULTRA4 Champion?

The follow-up to Rock Racing, which has garnered 1/4 million downloads and a 4.25 Star rating, is even better.

  • 6 Unique vehicles
  • Modeled after real race trucks
  • Fully simulated suspension (solid axle and independent) with tuning
  • Realistic traction and drive-train simulation
  • Damage system with flat tires
  • Awesome truck skins from the world's top off road parts manufacturers
  • AAA sound fx

  • Real Ultra4 point system and drivers
  • 3 tough seasons, totaling 42 races, to conquer
  • Courses based on real ULTRA4 races (Stampede, Badlands, King of the Valleys and King of the Hammers)

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze times to beat
  • Cross Platform Worldwide Leaderboards
  • 32 different race tracks (including the Baja Bonus levels)
  • 16 brutal achievements
  • 3 more killer vehicles for an extra challenge
  • Pro mode for extra realism and difficulty
  • Helmet camera for fun (and a taste of things to come)
ULTRA4 Offroad Racing Features:
  • Simulation meets side-scrolling off-road racing
  • 5 different control layouts
  • Races that vary in length from 1 minute to 10+ minutes
  • Hours of game-play in each game mode

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apk file: 41.47MB
apk download

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: Don't Run With a Plasma Sword v1.0.2

Don't Run With a Plasma Sword Free Apps 4 Android

Don't Run With a Plasma Sword Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

This is a premium version. No ad, no IAP and in-game currency optimized for fun! May the XP be with you.

Over half a million downloads and 5 millions games played on other platforms!
Covered on The Totally Rad Show!

Run to save the world in this humoristic tribute to retro sci-fi movies! A fun, challenging runner with tons of content at
a Special Launch Price!

Start with a simple combat runner and evolve your gameplay to ultimately navigate masterfully through rich level configurations and boss fights!

For a long time Cornelius has been working at the local comic books stand shop. For about as long, he's been daydreaming about how somehow, someday, he'd become a Hero. After all, wasn't what the fortune cookie was saying, right? ... right? Fortunately the Aliens invasion would come just in time to provide with this opportunity...

Don't Run is a breathtaking, retro sci-fi, combat based, funny sidescroller with tons of content.

Anyway, what more can you ask for than running with a plasma sword, slicing-up invading aliens?

Don't Run With a Plasma Sword Game Features:
  • 5 environments: City, Factory, Mother ship, Alien Planet, Tandoori Moon
  • 2 Game Modes:
    • Story mode with fixed game progression, save points, boss fights and 4-stars rating system
    • Endless mode (5 levels), random map generation and objectives to accomplish
  • Evolving gameplay through upgrades and avatar customization
  • 3 buttons contextual controls: jump, slide, slash which becomes double jump, dive and dash in the air
  • Several monster types, traps, power-ups and rewards to collect
  • Comic storyboards
  • Awesome original soundtrack and sound effects
  • 2 supported languages, English and French
Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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apk file: 46.17MB
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Free Games 4 Android: Proto Thunder: Zero Hour v1.0

Proto Thunder: Zero Hour Free Apps 4 Android

Proto Thunder: Zero Hour Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Proto Thunder: Zero Hour

Proto Thunder: Zero Hour is a side-scrolling arcade shooter that features a plethora of enemy ships to shoot down, tight spaces to navigate, and upgrades to acquire. Featuring an endless stage with creative design, a fast paced soundtrack, and outstanding action, this game is a true wonder when it comes to mobile space shooters! No hidden in-app purchases, no pay-to-win: the way mobile games should be.

Proto Thunder: Zero Hour Game Features:
  • Top notch graphics
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • 6 skill levels: from never played anything before to professional player
  • Fight your way through an endless stage aiming for golden skill stars and better scores
  • Three different sections with unique obstacles: open space, asteroid field, and enemy base
  • Collect coins to upgrade your weapons, armor, shield, and unlock new skins.

Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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apk file: 42.27MB
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: Dead on Arrival 2 MOD v1.0.2

Dead on Arrival 2 MOD Free Apps 4 Android

Dead on Arrival 2 MOD Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Dead on Arrival 2

This is a modded version of Dead on Arrival 2 with unlimited money ;-)

The sequel to Dead on Arrival brings new graphics, new zombies, new battlegrounds and new upgradeable weapons.

Keep pulling that trigger and see how long you can survive.

Intense co-operative zombie survival!

Tear through wave after wave of the walking dead as you fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies. An intense top down survival shooter, bringing console quality graphics to your mobile device.

Featuring a Strategic Spending System, survival is based not just on your skills but also the decisions you’ll make about how to spend the precious Z-Bucks earnt from each kill. Making the wrong decision between more ammo now or a better weapon later could mean life or death.

Team up with friends or strangers in 2-4 multiplayer and apply Mods to change the experience and give yourself the edge. Did somebody say Ice Bullets?

How long can you survive the zombie onslaught?

Yes that's right! You can fight the zombie horde alone or join forces and take on the bloodthirsty masses with up to 3 other players in co-op mode.

Dead on Arrival 2 Game Features:

Console quality graphics
Advanced lighting and shaders bring you a dark and gritty version of the zombie apocalypse

Intense arcade survival
How long will you survive against endless waves of the undead?

2-4 Player co-op multiplayer
Team up with your friends to fight the zombie horde together.

Explore an expansive, dangerous environment
Unlock new areas of the map and use environmental traps to survive

Strategic spending system
Will you choose to buy more ammo for your pistol, unlock the door to the next area or save your Z-bucks to buy the rocket launcher? Better decide fast, the horde is right behind you!

Mods let you play it your way
Unlock and equip special modifiers such as Double Damage, Ice Bullets, Healing and more to change the way you play the game

Customize your character with a huge range of costumes
Just because its the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’t fight the undead as a dinosaur. Or in scuba gear.

Optimized for TEGRA 4
Showcase the power of your NVIDIA Tegra 4 device (such as the NVIDIA Shield) with Dead on Arrival 2

Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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zip file: 129.10MB
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: Rescue Me - Adventures Premium v1.13

Rescue Me - Adventures Premium Free Apps 4 Android

Rescue Me - Adventures Premium Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Rescue Me - Adventures Premium

Storms... fires... wild animals... Cute little people are in danger all around the world, and you are the only one who can save them. Your main recovery tool is... your finger! Catch them and drag them across the levels while avoiding burning buildings and dangerous animals.

Premium Version:
The free version of Rescue Me have already gained a worldwide fan base - and the premium version offers even more!
  • No ads and banners.
  • Almost all items of the ingame gadget shop are available by default.
  • A new area, the Polar Region: blizzards, polar bears, shattering icebergs and many more!

Rescue Me - Adventures Premium App Features:
  • Casual action - innovative puzzle game with drag-and-drop controls and cute cartoon graphics.
  • Multiple settings - explore different regions - steaming jungles, crowded cities, underground caves, mysterious ruins...
  • Many challenges - save cute little people from hazardous situations, like fires, predators, wild storms... before time runs out!
  • Be quick - avoid several moving obstacles, from migrating birds to rotating cranes.
  • Collect coins - and purchase cool powerups! slow down time or get a better grip on people!
  • Share your success - Rescue Me is integrated to Facebook! Challenge your friends and share your achievements with them!

Intuitive controls
The controls are very easy to learn - just grab people with your finger and drag them into a safe zone. However, they may fall off if you move them too fast or bump them into walls. Passing birds, roaming giant spiders or rotating cranes may push them off your finger as well, or they may be struck by lightning from passing storm clouds... so take care!

Amazing settings
Exploring the rich and elaborate world of Rescue Me will take you many hours. You will be running leopards in the jungles and from fires in downtown skyscrapers. You’ll be sneaking past giant spiders in their vast underground lairs and angry banana-throwing monkeys guarding a lost city... and many, many more. And we didn’t even mention all the new content in our upcoming update...

Join the race
Log in to Facebook and watch the game map turning into one huge leaderboard. Compete with your friends from level to level - collect more coins and save more people in less time to become the ace. If you miss someone from your list, every friend is only an invite away! Join the global rescue race!

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apk file: 32.54MB
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Apps 4 Android: Viral Pro (YouTube Pop-up HD) v1.5.1

Viral Pro (YouTube Pop-up HD) Free Apps 4 AndroidViral Pro (YouTube Pop-up HD) Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Viral Pro (YouTube Pop-up HD)

We are pleased to announce our new and improved online video player. Viral is an innovative video player that has many features and you can search videos from YouTube.

With the Pop-up player, you can play a video and use any other android app for those of you who like to multi-task. You can also play with fullscreen or minimize the playing video to the notification tray. If your device is powerful enough, you can open multiple Pop-up windows.
This app has the following features to give you the best seamless and intuitive experience.

Viral Pro (YouTube Pop-up HD) App Features:
  • Resizable Pop-up player which can also play local videos from your video gallery
  • Minimize and play in the background
  • Change video resolutions from 144p up to 1080p
  • Tab sliding interface for easy navigation
  • Connect to your YouTube account (Access to Watch Later, My Uploads, Playlists…)
  • Ad free [Paid]
  • Watch offline
Download This Free App For Android Here:

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apk file: 6.60MB
apk download

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: Little Galaxy v1.1.1

Little Galaxy Free Apps 4 AndroidLittle Galaxy Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Little Galaxy

Little Galaxy is a game inspired by a real story of a young scientist, who reached out for his dream to find a new home. We have met this boy and were touched by his story as he lost everyone and everything, we are trying to help him to build functional prototype of jumping space boots so he can start his journey.

We ran out of money and because we are definitely better at making games than building strange space travel prototypes, we have made this game. We want to use it to get the necessary funding to help him. Please help the boy and please help us to spread the idea of space jumping!

Little Galaxy is all about space jumping, simple one touch game play, lovely graphics, challenging quests and star dust on your cheeks.

Little Galaxy Game Features:
  • Space jumping and more space jumping, and yes, space jumping
  • One touch game play
  • Intuitive gravity mechanics
  • Dozens of stages with challenging quests
  • Unique levels re-generated after every replay
  • Many planets, power ups, bonuses and combos

Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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apk file: 27.73MB
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Free Games 4 Android: PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue v2.1

PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue Free Apps 4 Android

PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue

PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue is your tiny pet simulation App with cute hamsters, guinea pigs, playful cats, sweet bunnies, a little pony, fascinating reptiles or cuddly dogs. Welcome to the 3D world of the Animal Rescue Sunflower! All the virtual pets want to be cared for with love and adopted by the right owners.

PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue Game Features:
  • Take care of animal babies
  • Find new homes for all the cute cats, dogs, bunnies and other tiny pets
  • Animal Game App with fantastic 3D graphics
  • Playful learning about animals
  • Lots of animals and other surprises

Take care of your little friends
The animals you have rescued didn’t always have it as easy, but luckily they have at least found their way to you. After an initial examination to determine current health conditions and to establish any necessary treatment, life in the animal rescue can begin. Animal Rescue Sunflower isn’t an animal zoo. You have to take care of your little friend with food and water and make sure that they always have fresh litter. When they have everything they need, pretty soon they'll feel fit as a fiddle again!

Find new homes for cute cats, dogs, bunnies and other tiny pets
Of course the animals are in the best possible hands with you, but they do eventually need a real home. As soon as the head of the animal rescue, a grumpy professor, puts you in charge of the animal adoption process, it's your job to find the most suitable new animal owner like the cute little cat, the small hamster or the sweet bunnie. When you pay attention to the animal's needs and the owner's preferences, nothing can stand in the way of their happiness.

Animal game app with fantastic 3D graphics
"PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is not only a lot of fun, it's also visually pleasing. Move through the impressive 3D world of the animal rescue while scooping water out of the well or getting the right food. When you visit the animals you can also see them at close range and you can observe how the hamsters clean themselves, how the bunnies hop around, how the little horse or the cat is waiting for you.

Playful learning about animals
Kids love animals and they are interested in the nature around them. "PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is more than an animal zoo. It’s a simulation game where children and adults regardless of age learn in a playful way how to take care of animals.

Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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apk file: 30.69MB
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: Neon City v1.0

Neon City Free Apps 4 Android

Neon City Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Neon City

In this game you will experience yourself as a racing pilot of a space fighter.
Controlling them using the accelerometer, you have to hold out as long as possible on the road, filled with a variety of obstacles!

Neon City Game Features:
  • Quality HD graphics in the style of the famous film Tron
  • Control by accelerometer
  • Uploading high scores online

Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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apk file: 21.10MB
apk download

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Free Games 4 Android: FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS FULL v1.2.8

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS FULL Free Apps 4 Android

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS FULL Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS

This is the FULL UNLOCKED version of Fifa 14, with "Manager Mode", "Tournament" and "Kick off" playing modes! (click on "Check for existing purchase" to unlock!)

REAL PLAYERS. REAL TEAMS. REAL LEAGUES. Welcome to the most authentic football game for Android smartphones and tablets. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot, and tackle with new touch controls. Plus, live every moment of real-world football with EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day. Get in there with FIFA 14!

Featuring 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. From the English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond. March toward glory in 34 authentic stadiums. Plus, for the first time on mobile, listen to commentaries in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish!

EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day lets you follow the heartbeat of your favorite club. Play along with real-world fixtures from top leagues. Every injury, suspension, and change in team form is reflected in-game – keeping you connected wherever you are!

Earn and trade, or buy and sell FIFA players to create your own fantasy team. Choose your play style, formation, kits, and more. Compete in tournaments to earn coins, then spend them on new players and items to improve your team. Play for free or purchase packs. The choices are endless!

Hold and drag players to move them around the field, tap to pass, swipe to shoot – and more! FIFA 14’s new Touch Flow Controls put the excitement of playing the world’s most popular sport at your fingertips – literally.

Featuring a killer soundtrack with the hottest artists, from Empire of the Sun to Vampire Weekend. It’s an epic playlist only FIFA can bring you!

Upgrade your game to unlock three extra modes: Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off!

The game you love. The game you live for. WE ARE FIFA 14!

FIFA 14 is playable in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Hit the pitch around the world!

This game has superior graphics and is packed with tons of real football leagues, teams, and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on your device.

Download This Free Game App For Android Here:

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rar file: 918.12MB
apk download

Free Apps 4 Android: Track My Boyfriend /Girlfriend v1.1

Track My Boyfriend /Girlfriend Free Apps 4 AndroidTrack My Boyfriend /Girlfriend Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Track My Boyfriend /Girlfriend

Track girlfriends or boyfriends cell phone, it was never easier!

Track My Boyfriend /Girlfriend App Features:
  • WEBSITE: You can check the recorded route of the tracked device any time on any computer via the website
  • MULTIPLE PHONES: You can track multiple devices with one account (your wife and your children for example)
  • INVISIBLE: The app runs invisible on the installed device. After the first login it will be hidden and can't be found
  • OFFLINE: Even if the phone has no internet the position will be recorded and later send to the website so that you can see it
  • HIGH RELIABILITY: The app is optimized for high reliability and low battery consumption. It only runs for 1 second every 10 minutes and cant be seen in the task manager
  • HISTORY: The saved GPS points are stored for 72 hours!
  • TRACK OWN PHONE: The app is also helpful in order to find your own mobile phone if it is lost or stolen!
  • NO ROOT NEEDED: It runs on any phone and does NOT NEED ROOT or similar. Just install and track!
  1. Create an account on our home-page and remember your password
  2. Install this app on all devices that should to be monitored
  3. Start this app and login with your user name and password you used for
  4. The device will be tracked and the app will be hidden from the list of applications

Download This Free App For Android Here:

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zip file: 1.86MB
apk download

Free Apps 4 Android: Tweetings for Twitter v3.9.3

Tweetings for Twitter Free Apps 4 AndroidTweetings for Twitter Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: Tweetings for Twitter

Tweetings is a powerful Twitter Client for Android devices.

Tweetings for Twitter App Features:
  • Large screen support with panes
  • Push notifications over 3G or WiFi for mentions, dms, when you get a new follower, when you are retweeted, etc. You don't even need the app open!
  • Supports posting to TwitLonger and inline expansion
  • Uploading images as well as, TwitPic and yFrog
  • Can be configured to automatically resend failed tweets
  • TweetMarker & Tweetings Cloud Timeline Sync support
  • Stream Tweets over WiFi... let the tweets flow, no need to refresh your main timelines again
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Split long tweets into multiple shorter tweets
  • Inline image previews
  • Light and dark theme, even automatically switch based on the time of day!
  • Navigate timeline using volume keys (optional)
  • User photo timelines
  • Choose standard or light fonts (JellyBean and higher)
  • Schedule tweets: write a tweet, set a time and a date and then just wait. Configure for your device to send them on your behalf or remotely where your device doesn't even need to be turned on!
  • Saved Searches
  • View tweeting user's nearby on a map
  • Local Trends
  • Translate tweets
  • Shorten links with a variety of providers, including, and
  • List support
  • Mute twitter users, words or applications
  • View conversations inline
  • Delete your own tweets
  • Change timeline text size
  • Enable or disable retweets on a user by user basis
  • Pull to refresh
  • Optional tappable timeline links
  • Compose username & hashtag autocomplete
  • Add tweets to Buffer
  • Post or share conversation threads using Storify
  • Automatic timeline gap detection, and if that fails manually add gaps yourself
  • Load gaps in the timeline above or below the gap position
  • Timeline widget
  • Multi-window support for compatible devices (such as Galaxy Note 2)
  • Photo editing available as a free downloadable extension
  • Integration as a DashClock extension

Download This Free App For Android Here:

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apk file: 2.52MB
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Free Apps 4 Android: GrooVe IP - Free Calls + Text v1.4.5

GrooVe IP - Free Calls + Text Free Apps 4 AndroidGrooVe IP - Free Calls + Text Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: GrooVe IP - Free Calls + Text

Voice without Minutes!

GrooVe IP is an android app that connects to Google Voice using Voice over IP (VoIP). What this means for you is you can make free unlimited calls to any phone in the US or Canada without using your voice minutes.

GrooVe IP works on any android device, phone or tablet, and allows you to make calls using the device’s data (WiFi or mobile data) connection. If you have a smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, you can use this app to convert it to a free, full-featured working phone.

This app has a separate dialer that can be used to make calls. Alternatively, the native dialer, call-log, contacts, and favorite functionality can be shared between the phone and app on a call-by-call basis.

  • Please ensure that your Google Voice account is associated with either a gmail or google apps account.
  • To receive incoming calls you MUST go into your Google Voice account and forward calls to Google Chat.
  • GrooVe IP uses 1.2 MB per minute during a call

What's in this version:
  • Fix a bug that was causing SMS receive to fail in some conditions.
  • Change the default stun server
  • Some minor bug fixes

    Download This Free App For Android Here:

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    apk file: 1.55MB
    apk download
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