Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free Apps 4 Android: amo Navi-X v2.1.21

amo Navi-X Free Apps 4 Android

amo Navi-X Free Apps 4 Android

Google Play info on: amo Navi-X

Download or stream full movies & TV shows on your Android!

We are the original Android provider of Navi-X.
amo Navi-X is an Android application based on the Navi-X Media Browser which is a "content aggregator" that provides access to all kinds of multimedia content on the internet, listed on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists for playback right NOW on your Android device!

App Features:
  • Download unlimited items in download mode to your phone or tablet.
  • Stream unlimited items in streaming mode.
    Long-press an item to see details like the description. 
  • Single-press an item to live stream the item, initiate a download, or proceed to another playlist. 
  • Use Menu-toggle to switch modes from Live-Streaming to Download mode.

We recommend the VPlayer, RockPlayer Lite or Mobo to handle most video formats you may encounter inside amo Navi-X on Android.

Download This Free App For Android Here:

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apk file: 1.61MB
apk download
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